The Program Committee identifies and plans events, workshops, forums, and other activities that carry out the Network’s mission to educate about multicultural issues—the full range of “-isms.” Among the topics we have focused on most recently are race, class, sexual orientation, and disabilities.

Its working membership currently includes our Executive Director and Board members with expertise in publicity, outreach, graphic design, grant-writing, fundraising, and idea generation. The committee welcomes volunteers and supporters to carry out its programs.

We value opportunities to co-sponsor events with other community organizations. For example, the Network has been a member of the Winchester Reads Committee since its inception. The Network also has an ongoing collaboration with the Winchester Public Library’s program “One Winchester, Many Traditions” (OWMT) whose purpose is to welcome international residents and to celebrate our town’s rich and varied cultural heritages. OWMT plans a winter International Film Series.

A major initiative begun in 2012 has been the Winchester in Transition (WIT) community conference, designed to bring the Town’s people together in dialogue around multicultural challenges and opportunities across a range of personal, civic organization, and government interests. WIT’s goal is collaboration in fostering inclusiveness throughout the Towns.

To learn about coming programs or view past events, go to our Calendar page.