For the month of February, Black History Month, the Winchester Multicultural Network and the Chamber of Comics have joined forces in recognition of diversity in the heroes of comic books, a reflection of our real world multicultural society. Over the past decade, African and African-American male and female superheroes have been increasingly depicted in trail-blazing comic books. Possessed of superpowers, black superheroes have wide appeal and with the popularity of recent Marvel and DC movies, they are firmly in the media mainstream.

Karen Sargent, public relations liaison for the Network, points to the enormous influence of black comic book heroes in raising the self-esteem of children of color. Rapper and Eisner Award-nominated comic book writer, MF Grimm remembers that ”During my childhood, the heroes of color in the Marvel universe symbolized strength and courage. They also showed me that people of color could be acknowledged as powerful, iconic figures who were the equal to their white counterparts.”

Each week this month, Ted Michalski, manager of the Chamber of Comics, will highlight a different black superhero/comic creator in its window display. The store is stocked with a wide selection of comic books on black superheroes and select titles by black authors.

On its collaboration with the Chamber of Comics, Aba Taylor, Executive Director of the Network, says, “Partnership outreach to the community has been an ongoing aspect of the Network’s work from inception. We partner and work with various churches, school, library, and other community groups. We welcome the Chamber of Comics as a new partner.”

Chamber of Comics Black History Month Black Superhero features:
Week 1: Black Panther, first black superhero. Marvel Comics.
Week 2: Luke Cage. Marvel Comics.
Week 3: Storm, first black female superhero. Marvel and DC Comics.
Week 4: Falcon