As we reflect on Saturday’s tragic killings in the Tree of Life synagogue of Pittsburgh, we mourn those who ventured out on what they thought would be a day of worship and we grieve for a community–in Pittsburgh, our country, and around the world–that has once again been targeted for its religious beliefs. We are horrified by the anti-Semitic beliefs espoused by the assailant.

We are deeply saddened for the losses and pain that the Jewish community is experiencing. Here in Winchester, Temple Shir Tikvah has always shown strong support and kindness when other groups have been targeted, including raising a loud voice in support of immigrant families.

We at the Network stand now in support of our Jewish community. We send our love and caring thoughts to families here and in Pittsburgh.

We will continue to stand together and work together towards much better days.

For all of you in the Network’s community of allies, thank you for whatever you can do to offer support to our Jewish friends and neighbors, and for your continued efforts toward our shared vision of an inclusive community where all feel safe, welcomed, and respected.

In solidarity,

Juanita Zerda
President, Winchester Multicultural Network Board of Directors