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Executive Director Position Profile

The Opportunity

The Winchester Multicultural Network (Network) is seeking an experienced, dynamic, and visionary thought leader who will guide this grassroots, activist, volunteer-driven organization to its next level of development and growth. The new full time Executive Director will provide leadership for a nonprofit which is positioned to grow its capacity and deepen its impact. The new Executive Director will be joining the organization in a very exciting time. After 27 years of addressing a range of “isms” and human rights issues through many events and activities in Winchester and the surrounding communities, the Network recently decided to expand its educational strategies to directly address systemic and structural racism and other “isms, and prioritize collective action and organizing campaigns. Additionally, the Network will now take political positions on specific issues aligned with its mission. It will build upon its current regional work, and focus both in Winchester and beyond, partnering with other nonprofits and campaigns on a regional, state-wide and/or national level for greater impact.

As part of this transition, the Network will be rebranding and changing its name this fall. As part of that rebranding, its newly revised mission as: The Network’s mission is to advance equity and inclusion. We create learning opportunities to raise personal awareness and to deepen understanding of historical and current injustices and privilege.  We build welcoming and inclusive community with widespread civic participation and advocate for institutional and systemic change that leads to equitable opportunities and outcomes for all.

Given the current political climate and the organization’s highly visible and respected reputation, the Network is uniquely positioned to grow its organizational capacity, and scope. The Network is looking for the right Executive Director to take the organization to this next level – to expand its mission to include campaign organizing, to expand its active base of volunteers, members, budget, staffing, and campaigns, and to deepen its impact for the future.

Organizational Overview and History

Founded in 1991, the Network has been uniquely grounded in a set of shared principles and a political philosophy, based on the VISIONS model of inclusion and social justice. (The Network also has recently adopted a shared governance model, in which key strategic direction/planning decisions are made jointly by the nine-member Board of Directors and a 15-member Steering Committee, comprised of active volunteers. The two groups meet together several times a year for joint strategic planning decision-making and self-education. As a grassroots organization, the various standing and ad hoc committees, in partnership with the staff, design and implement the organizing campaigns, programs, and events. The Steering Committee, led by the Executive Director, serves as the coordinating body for the programmatic work of the Network. In addition to a full-time Executive Director, there are two part-time staff: A Development and Communications Manager and Office Manager, and an hourly-based bookkeeper.

The Network has a budget of about $160,000, with funds deriving from foundation and individual donors. Over the next few years, the Network plans to prioritize the expansion of its budget and overall capacity through more active engagement in individual donor cultivation and foundation support.

Highlights of the Network’s Programs, Campaigns, and Accomplishments

Anti-Racism Organizing in the Suburbs — the Network has partnered with other organizations to provide anti-racism education and build capacity for a region-wide organizing network. This past year, the Network was instrumental in organizing the first ever Anti-Racism Organizing in the Suburbs forum, bringing together 120 people from the suburbs of Greater Boston region; the purpose was to build a larger movement in the suburbs focused on anti-racism.

Supporting Justice for the Transgender Community – Yes on Ballot #3 campaign — The Network has been organizing to support this Massachusetts-wide ballot initiative taking place in November. The Ballot asks voters whether to maintain the legal protections and rights of transgender individuals which was ensured by Massachusetts state law in 2016.

Inclusion in the Schools — For over 15 years, the Network, through its Schools and Youth Committee, has developed effective relationships with the Winchester Public School system and local organizations and advocates for inclusive curriculums and programming. Additionally, the Network provides leadership opportunities for youth to develop knowledge and skills as advocates for equity and inclusion within Winchester and beyond.

Immigrant Rights and Inclusion — The Network has organized “Keeping Families Together” actions to oppose the Trump administration’s zero tolerance policy for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers on the southern U.S. border. A new comprehensive, organizing campaign will include a focus on “Sanctuary/Safe Communities”. Additionally, the Network has consistently conducted activities and events to welcome immigrants to Winchester.

Individual/Group Advocacy and Response — The Network provides consultation, support, and advocacy for people who feel they have been the targets of, or witnesses to harassment, offensive remarks, bullying, hate crimes or discrimination. The responses to these attacks are planned in collaboration with the individual(s) who have contacted the Network.

Massachusetts Human Rights Coalition — The Network has served in a leadership position for this newly re-named coalition, comprised of member organizations from across the State dedicated to human rights and social justice. The Coalition recently held a state-wide conference focused on capacity building and organizing around human rights issues.

Other Accomplishments

  • Instrumental in advocating for and the eventual passage of a local Human Rights Statement by the Town of Winchester.
  • Conducted on-going Community Workshops focused on multiculturalism, equity, and implicit bias which influenced many Winchester town employees, police, and residents.
  • Organized public support for keeping health benefits for long-retired teachers and the Town of Winchester Town employees, resulting in less punitive benefit changes.
  • Established the Network as a key resource for the public schools, community leaders, and other community organizations for volunteer translators and self-education about the equity, inclusion, and social justice issues.

Strategic Directions, Opportunities and Challenges
The Network recently completed a strategic visioning process where some important strategic direction and identity decisions were made.

Expansion of underlying principles and political philosophy: Over the years, the Network’s work has been grounded in the VISIONS framework Principles, with active members engaging in on-going self-awareness trainings. The Network will supplement this framework with others, focused on addressing systemic and structural social change, to providing a more comprehensive approach to the work. The new Executive Director will be integral in selecting these frameworks, which will guide the Network’s expanding work in campaign organizing and advocacy.

Focus on yearly strategic priorities: To increase the Network’s impact in the community and beyond, the organization decided that rather than attempt to address every “isms” with many different independent activities and events, the Network will select and focus on a small number of strategic priorities each year.

Shift to comprehensive organizing campaigns: The Network will focus on anti-racism and classism over the next year or two, through three new organizing campaigns: 1) Immigrant Rights and Inclusion (which may connect to state-wide and national campaigns, such as Safe Communities, and Sanctuary Cities); 2) School Inclusion; and 3) Advocacy for the transgender ballot question #3 this November. The Network plans to engage in self-education regarding designing effective organizing campaigns and plans to implement them over this next year. Many of its current events and activities will be integrated within these campaigns.

Expansion of active volunteers: The Network plans to increase the number of active volunteers who are engaged in the new organizing campaigns and other Network committees.

Measurement of impact and outcomes of its work: Over the next few years, the Network will develop specific outcomes and indicators of success in its work, design measurement systems, and implement ongoing evaluation to continually improve and expand its impact.

Increased fund development: The Network will increase and diversify its funding base through active individual donor cultivation and solicitation and foundation funding. This will be accomplished, in partnership with the new Executive Director and other staff, the Board, Steering Committee, and support from Community Advisors.

Revision of Network’s organizational structure to align with mission and principles: The Network is considering revising its structure to reflect its current shared governance practices, restructuring its committees to better implement its new strategic directions, and expanding the numbers of active volunteers. The Network also will be considering a possible membership structure to increase mutual ownership.

Profile of the Ideal Candidate

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Extensive knowledge about, and direct experience working with issues of advancing racial equity, inclusion, diversity, and social justice
  • At least five years of community organizing experience, including experience in developing and leading community organizing and advocacy campaigns
  • Experience growing an organization and developing new initiatives, building capacity, growing the budget, and successfully managing change
  • Experience working within a participatory, collaborative shared governance/leadership model with active, engaged community members and multiple committees and teams
  •  Successful experience in developing and cultivating relationships with key community and state-wide stakeholders, public officials, other nonprofits, institutions, and other political stakeholders
  • Experience with, and sensitivity to working with diverse communities and cultures
  • Proven track record of successful fund development, including individual donor campaigns
  • Experience as an Executive Director or senior nonprofit manager who has supervised and managed staff
  • Demonstrated competence in nonprofit financial management, including ability to develop and manage budgets
  •  Excellent interpersonal skills, relationship-building, and oral and written communication skills

Leadership Style and Personal Attributes

  • Strong interpersonal skills with an ability to interact professionally, warmly, and collaboratively with a diverse range of people of different races, ethnicities, nationalities, class, genders, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, and abilities
  • A deeply-held commitment to the power of community organizing to affect positive social and political change
  • Ability to work within a shared governance structure, and facilitate large groups of active volunteers, multiple committees, and community stakeholders to reach agreements
  • Well-organized, solid follow-through and implementation abilities; able to prioritize and balance conflicting demands
  • An ability to be self-reflective, patient, and open to listening and learning, while demonstrating a healthy level of self-confidence
Key Responsibilities
Organizing Campaign and Program Strategy Development/Coordination, Strategic Planning, and Evaluation

  • Provide leadership in designing and implementing organizing and advocacy campaigns and other programs.
  • Keep apprised of and make use of as appropriate, new developments, national and regional organizing campaigns, initiatives, education/training, events, and research, and potential collaborators, related to advancing racial equity, inclusion, diversity, and social justice.
  • Help expand and build the Network’s committees/teams to implement organizing and program initiatives.
  • Collaborate with other nonprofits engaged in similar work and represent the Network in relevant state-wide/national advocacy/organizing campaigns.
  • Work with the Board and Steering Committee to design yearly strategic direction-setting and planning retreats to set priorities for the year.
  • Ensure on-going outcome evaluation of benchmarks and indicators of progress for organizing campaigns and other programs of the Network.

Coordination of Steering Committee and Active Committees: Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

  •  Design and facilitate monthly Steering Committee meetings.
  •  Coordinate and ensure effectiveness of the organizing and program work of ongoing and ad hoc teams and committees.
  •  Ensure the on-going active recruitment, ongoing learning, leadership development, and retention of a diverse group of active volunteers who are engaged in the programmatic and organizing work of the Network.

Stakeholder Relationship Building and Engagement; Public Face of the Organization

  • Develop and cultivate key community stakeholder relationships and represent the Network in its vision of community inclusiveness as both the leader and public face of the organization.

Fund Development

  •  Work closely with Fundraising Committee and Development and Communications Manager to seek out and develop new funding sources.
  •  Lead individual donor cultivation and solicitation, in partnership with Development & Communications Manager and Board; support the Board’s engagement in fundraising.
  •  Cultivate relationships with foundation and other funders.
  •  Provide oversight of all fundraising activities, including grants, fundraising events, and individual donor initiatives.

Financial Management

  •  Work with the Board to prepare and manage annual budgets.
  •  Provide oversight and management of all accounting, bookkeeping, contract management and compliance for funding sources.
  •  Work with the bookkeeper and Treasurer to produce accurate, timely, and comprehensive financial reports to the Board.

Overall Day-to-Day Operations and Staff Management

  •  Provide leadership and oversight for all day-to day operations and management of staff.
  •  Operate using a participatory management model with the part-time staff.
  •  Recruit, hire, and release staff, as required.
  •  Maintain an organizational climate, which attracts, keeps, and motivates a diverse and highly qualified staff and volunteers.

Work with the Board of Directors

  •  Meet regularly with the Board Chair to develop and sustain a constructive and trusting partnership.
  •  Provide timely written reports to the Board and keep the Board fully informed of important initiatives, projects, and conditions of the organization.
  •  Assist the Board in developing and cultivating relationships with individual donors and other funders and external stakeholders.

Communications, Public Outreach, and Social Media

  • Ensure that the Network has an effective communications and social media strategy to publicize the organization’s programs, campaigns, initiatives, and other events.

On-going Self-education in Racial Equity, Social Justice, Inclusion, and Diversity

  •  Participate in on-going personal an organizational racial equity/social justice training with VISIONS and in other frameworks.
Compensation and Benefits
The compensation package is commensurate with experience and is competitive with nonprofit organizations with similar annual budgets in the region. Heath insurance is provided. This is a 40-hour, full-time position, with some schedule flexibility to allow for evening meetings and weekend programs.

Applications and Nominations
The search is being conducted by the Network’s Search Committee with the assistance of consultant, Dr. Judy Freiwirth, Principal of Nonprofit Solutions Associates.

Only complete electronic submissions will be considered. Please include a MS Word Document cover letter describing your interest and qualifications for the position, salary requirements, where you learned of the position, three work references with contact information, and a description of how your qualifications and experience match the Network’s needs. Please no cover letters embedded in emails. Also include a work-related writing sample. Applications will be reviewed at regular interviews prior to the deadline. The deadline for submissions is December 10, 2018 at 5 PM.

Interested candidates should submit electronic application materials to: Shawn Macannuco at Candidates may address questions to Judy Freiwirth, at

Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted. Final deadline is Dec. 10 at 5 pm EST

Interested candidates should submit electronic applications via directions described in the position profile.  Candidates may address questions to consultant, Judy Freiwirth, Psy.D., at

Winchester Multicultural Network is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and actively seeks a diverse pool of candidates for this position, especially candidates of color. We encourage all qualified candidates to apply.

Download the Foundational Principles of the Multicultural Network PDF.