Board members and their guests gathered on Sunday afternoon, 3-5 pm, October 25, 2015, for a “Beer and Pretzels/Cupcakes and Cider” party at the home of Vice- President, Gloria Legvold, to meet and welcome Aba Taylor, the Network’s Executive Director. Aba begins her position on Monday, November 2. 

Guests included board members, as well as the office team, Joyce and Bill Cummings, State Representative Michael Day, and State Senator Jason Lewis.

After a thorough process of recruiting candidates, reviewing their qualifications, and interviewing those most qualified, the recruitment committee’s recommendation of Aba won unanimous board support. She has had key leadership roles with organizations working to advance women, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ people and other marginalized groups—experience that fits beautifully with the mission of the Network.

The Network looks forward to Aba’s leadership and her goal as Executive Director. Aba has said, “What really excites me about stepping into this role is the opportunity to propel the momentum that the Winchester Multicultural Network’s board has built over the past 24 years.”