Above: Detail from photo by Wicked Local Staff Photographer, Ruby Wallau — Rod Gay shows Sean Restiro, 16, both of Winchester, photos from when Winchester played in the 1955 and 1956 Little League World Series during the Mass Memories Road Show at the Jenks Center in Winchester on Oct. 20, 2018. See Photos: Mass. Memories Road Show visits Winchester.

We are so grateful to the many volunteers across numerous Winchester community groups who helped to make the Mass Memories Road Show a wonderfully successful event. In addition to the Network, representatives from the Winchester Public Library, Winchester Historical Society, Town Archives, Winchester High School, Wright-Locke Farm, Winchester Farmer’s Market Community Hub, Jenks Center, and the Council of Aging all pitched in to plan, promote, and help the event run smoothly.

According to Carolyn Goldstein, Public History and Community Archives Manager for UMass Boston, the Winchester stop of the Mass Memories Road Show yielded 340 images and 28 videos collected for the digital archives, as well as 51 keepsake photos. These memories and images were gleaned from 175 attendees, including 135 registrants.

Congratulations Winchester Mass. Memories Road Show—Carolyn Goldstein

Hello Winchester Mass. Memories Road Show planning team, volunteers, and Roadies:

Congratulations on a successful event on Saturday! Your hard work, good spirits, and passion for history made for an especially productive and engaging day. We had steady flow of contributors, and I was impressed with the level of enthusiasm and energy that they all brought to the Road Show and with the many fine images and rich stories they shared.

Here’s a great photo essay covering the event published by The Winchester Stat and Wicked Local Winchester: http://winchester.wickedlocal.com/photogallery/WL/20181020/NEWS/102009953/PH/1

The day’s success was due to the dedicated efforts of the Winchester Mass. Memories Road Show planning team. I especially want to acknowledge the fine leadership from Nancy Schrock, project director. Many thanks as well to all of the members of the strong and dynamic local planning team representing themselves and a number of organizations around town: Jo-Ann Michalak and Ellen Knight (Town Archives), Tom Sevigny (Winchester Historical Society), Ann Wirtanen (Winchester Public Library), Gloria Legvold (Winchester Multi-cultural Network), Chris Kurhajetz (Winchester High School), Charlene Band (Wright-Locke Farm), Fred Yen (Farmer’s Market), Mary Ellen Lannon (Town of Winchester), Barbara Haber, and Anna LaViolette. You all did a fabulous job of organizing and publicizing the event as well as presenting local history resources to the attendees.

We are grateful to Phillip Beltz, Kathy Carr, and the staff at the Jenks Center as well as the Winchester Seniors Association for hosting the event.

Volunteers—you were fabulous! The Winchester High School students are not copied here, but I am hoping that Chris Kurhajetz will forward this to them all.

I’d also like to publicly acknowledge my colleagues at UMass Boston—Jessica Holden, Meghan Bailey, Andrew Elder, Patty Bruttomesso, Kristine Malpica, Brenda O’Brien—as well as our steadfast team of Roadies, including videographer Jack Clancy, all copied here.

It was a pleasure working with all of you! Our team enjoyed our time in Winchester and the opportunity to collaborate with so many different individuals and organizations from throughout the Town of Winchester.

Statistics from the Winchester Mass. Memories Road Show, Saturday, October 20, 2018

Door count: 175
Registrations: 135
Winchester volunteers: 30
UMass staff and Roadies: 21
Photos scanned, emailed, or copied: 340
Keepsake photos: 51
Videos: 28

How did you hear about this event?

Jenks Center: 15
High School: 15
Family: 13
Carolyn/UMB: 13
Friends: 10
Planning committee: 10
Ads/newspaper: 8
MultiCultural network: 8
Nancy S: 7
Historical Society: 6
Social media/e-mails: 6
Anna L: 5
Cultural Council: 3
Mary : 2
Gloria L: 2
WinCam: 2
Library: 1

It usually takes about 3-4 months for our team to process the materials we gather at a Road Show. So the photographs and stories from Saturday’s event should be available sometime this winter. We will let you and all of the contributors know via email when the images and their captions go up online at openarchives.umb.edu.

We hope that many of you will join us for future Mass. Memories Road Shows. If you attended the training on Friday and volunteered on Saturday, you will be included in an email specifically inviting you to participate as a Roadie at future events.

In the meantime, if you are connected to other communities please help us spread the word about the Mass. Memories Road Show throughout the Commonwealth. General information about how to apply to bring a Road Show to your community can be found here: http://blogs.umb.edu/archives/mass-memories-road-show/

Finally, please stay in touch. The best way to receive updates about the Winchester Mass. Memories Road Show collection and other Mass. Memories Road Shows and UMass Boston community history events around the Commonwealth is to subscribe to our blog at: http://blogs.umb.edu/archives/.

Many thanks again and congratulations to all!



The materials gathered from the Road Show will be processed over the next 3-4 months and will be available for view this winter. Information about the Winchester Mass Memories Road Show collection, collections from other Mass Memories Road Shows and UMass Boston community events around the Commonwealth can be found at this link and local coverage of Winchester’s Mass Memories Road Show can be found in this article from the Star.