On April 4, Representative Michael Day (31st Middlesex District) opened his monthly talk show “A Day in the House” with guests Jennifer Zhang, Director of Outreach, Winchester School of Chinese Culture and Aba Taylor, Executive Director of the Winchester Multicultural Network, to discuss issues related to diversity in Winchester and beyond.

On Michael Day’s questioning the value of inclusivity in embracing diversity, Zhang spoke of the welcome and support the Winchester School of Chinese Culture received from the outset, including guidance from Sandy Thompson, founder of the Winchester Multicultural Network. In 12 years the school has grown to 400 students from diverse backgrounds. The school has brought its enrichment programs to Winchester and, in turn, has seen (and facilitated) what could have been an insular group of parents to participate more fully in the civic affairs in Town.

Taylor noted that the Multicultural Network’s mission is and has been building inclusive community since its inception in 1991 by promoting the recognition, understanding, and appreciation of diversity, advocating for each and every person’s civil rights and confronting intolerance. Our programs entertain but also ask and examine the “hard questions” (for example) on privilege, race, and class.

The Network’s outreach includes all of Winchester, its organizations, businesses, and individuals. From last month’s honoring several of the women who have made significant impact on the fabric of the Town to the current month’s initiatives for Autism Awareness, the Network builds bridges linking the community together and, in doing so, strengthens the civic and cultural life of Winchester.

Listen to the full program of “A Day in the House” (April 4, 2016)