As we have since 2016, the Winchester Multicultural Network brings to Women’s History Month (March) the recognition and celebration of a sampling of local women. Their perspectives and contributions promote and uphold the Network’s mission of making Winchester a more inclusive, just (or equitable) community. Each year we choose a theme; themes in past years have featured entrepreneurs (2016), educators (2017), and those involved in civic engagement (2018).This year our spotlight shines on immigrants.

We are a nation of immigrants, regardless of whether our ancestors arrived generations ago or whether we are first generation immigrants. We came for many reasons: to find safety and security, to further our education, to escape religious persecution, to begin a new business, to flee chaos, to do seasonal work, to live a dream, to re-unite with family, or to create better lives for our families.

Each wave of immigration has, throughout our nation’s history and to this very day, faced resistance and discrimination as its individuals joined our society. And, having said this, we take a moment to note that some stood on the shores of our land as people arrived and others arrived on our shores not by their own choice or volition.

Winchester is a small town with so many women integral to its strength that the task of choosing just five each year to highlight is very difficult; however, we see it as a blessing that we have so many inspirational women in our midst. We hope you will join us this March in celebrating not only the legacy of the women who made Winchester a more welcoming community, but also women who are currently working to create and design a Winchester that is better for all of us.

Each Friday, beginning on March 1, we will feature the story of one woman in our Weekly Newsletter, with a link to a fuller story on our website. We recognize and celebrate their presence, the richness of their varied cultures and heritage, and their contributions that revitalize our community. We appreciate the generosity of their letting us hear their successes and challenges.