“Ole! Ole!”— the Portuguese shout of approval, triumph, and encouragement— ricocheted back and forth across the auditorium on the afternoon of September 28. For one hour the Grooversity troupe brought the rhythm, energy, and joy of Brazil to a room filled with Kids’ Corner youngsters, teachers, parents and visitors. Bits of the Portuguese language rose to the ceiling: counting um, dois, tres, and quarto…learning the drums’ names…ringing out phrases in call and response. Before the afternoon performance ended, boys and girls had “gone on stage” to dance and to play drums. Teachers were pulled forward to dance, too, with solo performances of original moves that delighted the audience. The afternoon closed with everyone up and dancing to the reverberating thunder of the drums. A long conga line wove itself around the room: everyone included, everyone connected by hands on shoulders, everyone smiling.

The event was sponsored by a grant from the Rotary Club of Winchester.