On Saturday, March 23, 22 individuals from Winchester and surrounding communities representing white, Black, Latinx, and Chinese backgrounds had the opportunity to learn “tools” for cross-cultural/cross-race communication and understanding from VISIONS consultants Mayra Rodriguez-Howard and Jamila Batts at the Network’s annual Community Workshop.

There, Rodriguez-Howard, who was born in Puerto Rico, and Batts, who is bi-racial, modeled as they taught guidelines for effective cross-cultural dialogue. The also introduced the multicultural process of change as well as other tools in the VISIONS toolkit, such as modern “isms” and internalized oppression theory. Through a variety of activities, including a lively concentric circle exercise, participants shared the learning of a common language and framework for discussing multicultural issues of all kinds.

The workshop, which represents a “slice” of VISIONS’s four-day PACE workshop, is given twice a year in Boston and has been offered by the Network many times in its 28 years. This year, as in the past, participants found it very impactful, praising the “excellent speakers” and appreciating their “sharing personal experiences and their passion for the work.” One attendee said that as a result of the workshop he/she will “continue my learning and push my boundaries.”