On September 16, 2017, there were performances, activities, and crafts from many corners of the globe, for a celebration of International Day at Farmers Market on the Winchester Common. Performers included Phil Scarff, master jazz saxophonist, leader of world-jazz ensemble, Natraj, and his accompanists with Indian/Afro/Jazz music; Sinha Capoeira Group demonstrating Brazilian Capoeira, hybrid of martial arts and dance accompanied with explosive drumming; Chinese choral group, Party One, singing Chinese folk and contemporary songs; Gabriel Guo and Peter Chang, showing mastery of the Chinese yo yo; ELL youngster with poetry reading; and Stephanie Jin, Tai Chi instructor showing the graceful moves of that discipline.

Actively attended booths included Chinese Calligraphy with brush-stroked names transliterated into Chinese; artist-teacher Kiyomi Yatsuhashi’s beautiful fabric art, Karma Fine Crafts with wares from women’s collectives overseas whose wares tell a story and preserve their heritage; Aruna Partnerships, women’s Fair Trade co-op in South India to provide education for village children; Thiou Village Project that delivers economic opportunity, educational support and sanitation solutions to under-served communities in South Sudan.

This was the second year of the International Celebration Day at the Farmers Market which is a collaboration of the Winchester Farmers Market and the Winchester Multicultural Network.