Side by Side Movement, a partnership of the Winchester Multicultural Network, One Stage Productions and Brio Integrated Theater, kicked off officially at the Winchester Farmer’s Market on Saturday June 13, with an original song, “Side by Side,” with lyrics that promote diversity, acceptance, and working together. Side By Side Movement is a program that empowers kids to come together and it has its first adoption at the Lynch Elementary School.

This bully prevention movement is the vision of Board member Sahar Ahmed Awerbuch. For the introduction of the program Sahar brought together a successful collaboration of many: a devoted Lynch teacher, Jen Flaherty, and 11 students from Lynch; three girls from Belmont High School; committed parents; a talented choreographer/dancer from Boston with much experience working with children, Sharon Shakur; a fast-rising young singer, Ashley Tucker; and the composer/founder of One Stage Productions, Marlene Fereshetian, who works with children finding their self-esteem through music.

It was a perfect summer day for the first day of the Farmers Market and the upbeat song and children’s dance program was cheered by a receptive and appreciative audience.

The Network, One Stage Productions and Brio Integrated Theater has future plans for expanding the Side by Side Movement  to other schools and other towns. Following the program, Sahar has already had several inquiries from other schools near and far who want to be part of the movement.

Stay tuned for further developments!

Lyrics of original song “Side By Side” with permission from the composer, Marlene Fereshetian.


Music and lyrics by Marlene Fereshetian

If they tell us we can’t stay
And we don’t have the rhythm or the beat to play
And if they say that we don’t shine
Well here’s what we’re gonna say

If they’re talking like they don’t care
Let me tell you they’re not goin’ anywhere
Share in the colors that’s surrounding you
And Feel the rhythm like you ought to do

Chorus :

Move on up and get with the beat
Shake it loose and get to the street
Let the music move you, feel it as you glide
All the fun is sailing on this ride

Step it up and get with the beat
Make your move and shuffle your feet
Move it to the left now take it to the right
Come together dancing Side by Side


If they tell you, you can’t be
Sail along in peace and live in harmony
And if they tell you, you don’t shine
Just be who you want to be

If they’re walkin like they don’t care
Feel the magic all around you everywhere
Share in the beauty that’s surrounding you
Dance to the rhythm, like you ought to do

Side By Side” © Copyright 2015 Marlene Fereshetian.

This original song was composed by Marlene Fereshetian and is
protected by copyright. All music and lyrics are the property of the owner, Marlene Fereshetian, and appears on this web site by permission of the owner. Any reproduction of this recording is expressly prohibited.