The Winchester Multicultural Network is an official organizational partner with this event because of the Boston Women’s March non-partisan support for protecting and furthering civil rights. The assembly point for the Winchester Multicultural Network is 10:45 a.m. on the Common near the Northeast corner of Charles St. and Beacon St. Fred Yen will be there and you are welcome to call him on his cell phone 781-856-0761 for meeting up. (See map on the official Boston Women’s March website.)

A WMCN logo sign will be held vertically about 10 feet high above the crowd. We will march with this “high” Winchester Multicultural Network sign plus several other WMCN easily carried placards with civil rights themes used in our ENKA Parade marches. However, you make your own sign if you wish as long as it is focused on civil rights issues, not parties nor individuals. Examples are: “Appreciate Immigrants,” “Build Inclusive Communities,” “Show Respect for Each Person,” ” Celebrate Differences,” “Diversity Adds Strength,” “Defend Civil Rights,” “Fight Negative Stereotyping,” etc. 

Dress WARMLY, bring snack and water, and wear comfortable shoes/boots.

Are You In? Please Let Us Know!  

Some WMCN members have offered carpool transport to T stations. If you need a ride, are willing to drive, or wish to register your participation so we will be looking for you, please, RSVP to

Check It Out! 

Go to the Boston Women’s March site for more information.
The Winchester Multicultural Network has been registered as a group. You may add your name there directly if you wish. Answers to many FAQs are there, including why men are welcomed to this event if they appreciate that Women’s Rights are Civil Right
s. See our event page also for links and map.