On Thursday, June 6, in the Large Meeting Room at the Winchester Public Library, the Network and Parent to Parent were proud to co-sponsor “Alphabet Soup: Deciphering the LGBTQIA+,” an event that has launched a tradition for these two organizations during Pride Month.

“Alphabet Soup” was a wonderfully informative, moving, and inspiring program featuring the lives, challenges, and triumphs of members of the LGBTQIA community who represent SpeakOUT, the nation’s oldest speakers’ bureau focused on these issues.

By sharing their personal stories in an anecdotal fashion, the SpeakOUT panelists created a warm and welcoming environment that prompted a variety of heartfelt and thoughtful questions from the audience members. The room was packed with community members, and the response to the evening, from both the panelists and the audience, was friendly, respectful, supportive and appreciative.

P2P Co-President and WMCN Office Manager Shawn Macannuco organized this program to help Winchester parents feel educated, encouraged and empowered when speaking with their children regarding LGBTQIA issues. Many thanks to our friends at Parent to Parent for working with us to bring Winchester this important event.