Opening the Winchester Multicultural Network and League of Women Voters Winchester co-sponsored “Violence Against Women and Women in Education—The Stories of Women’s Lives” on March 19, 2015, Adeeba read her poem “Sodden Secrets.” It was a fitting poem for the event.

Board member Gloria Legvold asked if Adeeba would share her powerful poem with the broader community on our website.

With her gracious consent, the poem is posted here styled against a clay tablet depicting the prologue to Hammurabi’s (circa 1792 BC) Codes.

Adeeba Afshan Rana is a poet and librarian who grew up in Winchester and reads and writes in Brooklyn, NY. She often goes on adventures, works with young people, swims in oceans, and cooks meals for family and friends. Adeeba earned her MFA in poetry from Stonecoast at the University of Southern Maine and her Master’s in Library Science at Pratt Institute. She aspires to be a goddess of knowledge.