On the evening of August 30, 2015 Board members of the Network gathered for a farewell party for outgoing Executive Director, Kathy-Ann Hart, who is relocating to Connecticut. The backyard outdoor party, held at the home of co-chair, Gloria Legvold, was marked by toasts and reminiscences thanking Kathy-Ann for her years guiding and representing the Network so well. Parting gifts included a booklet of Appreciations with contributions from Town officials and Board members; a tongue-in-cheek “Special Edition” of the Network’s newsletter, The Journey, with “articles” on the adverse impact Kathy-Ann’s leaving will have for Winchester; a mock ticket supposedly issued by the WPD citing multiple parking violations (an insider reference to the difficulty of finding parking downtown and Kathy-Ann’s solutions for this); and a DVD photo album of the Network’s many successful events Kathy-Ann presided over during her three-year tenure.

Kathy-Ann responded in the same humorous vein as her gag parting gifts, even admitting to almost all of the “parking violations,” then turned serious to recall the question she had asked at her interview for the Executive Direction position. “Why does Winchester need the Network?” She was very impressed then with the Board’s passionate response and understanding of the diversity issues in town. She hoped the Network would continue its work on diversity and she would follow, with frequent visits to its website, the Network’s progress as it perseveres in building inclusive community.


A Glance Back: WMCN Events through the years with Kathy-Ann Hart, Executive Director, Winchester Multicultural Network (2013–2015)