Response to The Recent El Paso Tragedy

We at the Winchester Multicultural Network mourn the tragic, senseless loss of more than 20 lives taken too soon by ethnically-motivated gun violence in El Paso, TX. Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families as they grieve for mothers, sons, daughters and fathers lost. This attack, like Christchurch before it and Pittsburg before that, reminds us of the terrible price that we are paying as a result of the rise in divisive politics and inflammatory rhetoric and comments made by elected officials and politicians at all levels.

Twenty-two people were gunned down in cold blood and 27 more wounded in El Paso this weekend by a young man who, according to his own writings, became motivated by reading the racist manifesto of the Christchurch attacker. His decision to target Mexican immigrants did not happen in a vacuum. He, too, published a hate-filled manifesto just minutes before his attack, warning of an ‘immigrant invasion’; language that mirrors the racist and xenophobic terminology used by the current administration.

In real time, we are seeing that words can lead to violence, and that political incitement can end in murder. We all have a responsibility not only for what we say, but for what our words, actions, and especially inaction can do. Most importantly, please remember, “we are not helpless here”.

Hate flourishes in the absence of condemnation, but withers when good people speak up and call upon leaders to appeal, in the legendary words of Abraham Lincoln, to “the better angels of our nature”.

Join the Winchester Multicultural Network in responding to this latest tragedy. While the recent tidal wave of violence in El Paso, Dayton, Ohio and Gilroy, California can make us feel powerless, there is so much that you as an individual can do to make a change.

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Human Rights Statement

Winchester is a community that is grounded in respect for every individual, and therefore protects all residents, employees, business owners, students and visitors in the enjoyment and exercise of human and civil rights. It is town policy to ensure equal treatment and opportunity to all individuals regardless of race, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, ideology, socio-economic status, health, sexual orientation, age, military status, or disability.

Officially adopted by the Winchester Board of Selectmen [9/24/2009]. Revised 2012.