Interview with Sam Wilson

Coming Out “Story
Changes In LGBTQ Stuff In Past 5 Years
Critical Issues Today
Why Working With Youth Is Important
Best Part of Working With LGBTQ Youth?
What Support Do We Need for Youth in Winchester?
Who Inspires Me?
Fun/Quirky Facts

Sam Wilson currently serves the Winchester Unitarian Society as their Director of Youth Ministries. He is also a Leader of Youth Justice Trainings for the UU College of Social Justice, consultant in Development for the UU Service Committee, and private tutor of SATs and other college prep. He holds a BA in History from Temple University, where he concentrated on recent American History and wrote his Senior Thesis on Philadelphia’s “Gayborhood.” He also studied Peace and Justice at Villanova University, and Human Rights and African History at Columbia University as part of his 9-year undergrad journey. He is particularly passionate about Reproductive Justice, having escorted and served on the Board of Directors at Planned Parenthood in PA.