Hate Has No Home Here campaign in Winchester

To demonstrate our town’s continued commitment to a community where all feel safe and welcome, we are participating in a campaign to help neighbors and businesses display signage on their lawns or in their windows reaffirming that “Hate Has No Home Here”.

This national, zero-profit campaign began with a group of neighbors from North Park, a Chicago Neighborhood. To learn more about the campaign origins please visit Hate Has No Home Here. Like us and follow us on our local facebook page.

The signs ordered for our community present the message in English first and then in 5 other languages: Portuguese, Mandarin, Arabic, Hebrew and Spanish (Portuguese and Mandarin are the top two non-English speaking languages in our schools). The background of the sign is red on one side and blue on the other, underscoring its inherent nonpartisan nature.
Great places to put your sign include your yard, your fence, or your window (especially if you are near the street and do not have a yard). If you live on a street with a sidewalk, the grassy area between the sidewalk and the street is town property, so signs cannot be placed there.

The suggested donation for a yard sign is $5 to cover production costs. Any excess funds will be reinvested to produce and distribute more signs.

Hover on image of side 1 to see the other side of the yard sign.

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