Building a bridge to leadership and life skills for youth through hands-on experiential education.

Rebecca Levine has been the Winchester Youth Coordinator for 17 years. She recently established the Winchester Youth Alliance, bringing together youth leaders from across the community to form a network of support for each other and for the town’s youth. She lives in Salem with her wife and two children.

Interview with Rebecca Levine

Tell me a little bit about yourself. What called you to this work?

I did both my undergraduate and graduate studies in social work. My first job was in a women’s health clinic and I became a youth specialist there. I’ve always been interested in doing youth development work. When I went back for my Masters degree I had a choice of focusing on the clinical side or the macro side. I chose to focus on community organizing, programming and planning. My internships were always with youth programs and service learning.

What did you see as the need in our community that you might fill?
Tell us how you see this calling of yours enriching our common life.
When one teaches, two learn is a known adage. What have been the highlights of your experience so far?
Since this is the month honoring women, who is one woman who has inspired you and why?
Any advice to share?