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Suzette Ferdinand joined Winchester Community Access and Media (WinCAM) in 2014, Winchester’s public access television station which serves as a center for community media. Her involvement with community media started in 2006 when she attended the University of Hartford and obtained her BS degree in Multimedia and Web Design with a specialization in Television Production. Throughout the years, she gained knowledge of video production by interning at various media centers including Shrewsbury Media Connection and West Hartford Community Television. In 2011, she began her career as a part time Associate Producer at Wellesley Media and became the full time Community Program Producer within her first year of employment. Now as the Training and Production Coordinator at WinCAM, Suzette is responsible for the design and implementation of classes for members in all areas of video production including in the studio, in the field and editing. Her passion for editing comes in handy, as she loves to be inventive when it comes to developing new concepts for projects. She is committed to building the membership and bolstering the good reputation of WinCAM within the community.

Interview with Suzette Ferdinand

Tell me a little bit about yourself. What called you to this work?

I was born and raised in Worcester, MA. Attended high school there as well and went to University of Hartford for my undergrad to study multimedia and television production. I remember being in school and having little interest in anything unless it was related to computers, technology, or multimedia. From after school programs to college internships and even my past and present jobs, they have all been linked to the technology world in one way, shape or form. It’s funny – I actually started college with the intent to study web design and I slowly but surely ended up in television production. My schedule consisted of everything from coding to JavaScript to typography to video manipulation. Once I started learning about media, cameras, and editing that’s when I knew I had a real interest in that field. Having the opportunity to create my own video projects was quite thrilling.

I would say my real niche is video editing. I love being inventive and creating compelling and visually appealing videos out of raw footage and that’s where I excel the most. Now in my current job, as a Training and Production Coordinator at WinCAM, I am able to train members and teach these skills to help them create engaging videos.

What did you observe as a need/gap within our community that your chosen occupation/profession might begin to fill?
When one teaches, two learn is a known adage. What have been the highlight/have been the highlights of your experience so far?
Since this is the month honoring women, who is one woman who has inspired you and why?
Any advice to share?